About the Herbalist

My name is Stascha Stahl and I am a clinical herbalist. I grew up on Shoshone and Paiute land in the desert of Las Vegas and have lived in Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area for most of the last 15 years. I currently live in Chochenyo Ohlone territory in Oakland, California.

I see the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual  aspects of ourselves as inextricably linked. Holistic medicine has had a profound impact on my life and the lives of people I am in community with. I am committed to providing accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone.

In the years I have been studying and practicing herbalism, I have been blessed to learn from Jasmyn Clift of the Wild Seed School of Herbalism in so-called British Colombia, Juliet Blankespoor at the Chestnut School in North Carolina,  Sonoran Desert dwelling Mimi Kamp,   Chuck Garcia at the California School of Hispanic Herbalism, and others. I attend classes, seminars, and intensives every year and pay special attention to the lessons I receive from every client I see and every plant I get to know.

Committed to long-term sustainability of the land, I make medicine almost exclusively from the plants living in the bioregions where I live and travel.

Through my practice I have had success working with clients who experience chronic illness, reproductive concerns, anxiety, depression, trauma, colds and flus, low immunity, allergies, stress, hormonal  fluctuation, blood sugar imbalances, side effects from cancer and chemotherapy, pain, blood pressure disregulation, as well as many others conditions. I am committed to working with clients to find the best path for their healing.