Centered: Support for Disorganized-Unresolved Attachment


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Do you find yourself longing for connection with those you love, but certain you’ll be rejected, let down, or hurt by them eventually? Do you struggle with a compulsion to run away before you’re hurt again, and perhaps a dull, heavy shame over the times you have run away before? These are some of the signs of disorganized-unresolved attachment, in which we both crave and fear emotional closeness and intimacy.

When you find yourself trapped in that push-pull cycle of fear, distress, and shame, this blend of tinctures and flower essences can support you in finding a place of safety and trust within yourself and learning to build trust with your loved ones. It can help you remember the present and future can be different from the past, and allow you to break cycles of guilt, shame, and low self-worth.

Includes vervain, holy basil, and milky oat extracts, with flower essences from pine, mallow, and Oregon grape.

1 ounce bottle.

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