Softened: Support for Avoidant-Dismissive Attachment


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If you find yourself shutting down or shutting out when there is conflict or intensity, if you’re quick to distance yourself when you feel your autonomy is threatened, if you feel you need to dig in and defend your independence, you may be reacting with an Avoidant-Dismissive attachment style. This can feel like freezing up or pulling away rather than being open with loved ones, even when openness could bring healing and comfort.

The first step in learning to trust others will come from practicing sitting with your emotions, opening up to curiosity about your life and the people you share it with, and—over time—finding the ways you can savor connection and let people in without giving up your own autonomy and independence. This blend of herbs and flower essences can support you to remain present with your emotions and needs.

The blend includes cinnamon, cardamom, damiana, rose, and eleuthero, with flower essences from water violet, wild rose, and agrimony.

1 ounce bottle.

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